Protect Our Health Care

Californians need a stable health care system we can rely on!

California is closer than ever to achieving affordable universal health care for all. Special interests are now trying to undo our progress and force everyone into a new, untested health system.

California has led the nation in expanding access to affordable coverage. Despite our progress, special interests in Sacramento are pushing AB 1400, a bill that would force all 40 million Californians into a single new government plan with no ability for consumers to opt out or choose private coverage. Californians should have the right to choose private coverage if they want it. 

AB 1400 would cost taxpayers nearly $200 Billion a year in higher taxes on jobs, income, services and more – all for an untested new health system in the middle of a pandemic.

Californians need a stable health care system we can rely on at all times, but never more so than now. Instead, AB 1400 puts at risk the health care that millions of Californians rely on. 

Protect our health care! Vote No on AB 1400.

California is on the cusp of achieving universal coverage thanks to the work of the Legislature, Governor and President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Only 6% of Californians don’t have health coverage – a record low level – many of whom have access to coverage.

We’ve taken significant steps toward making health care more affordable for low- and middle-income Californians, thanks to new subsidies created by the Legislature, Governor and the Biden Administration.

AB 1400 and single payer proponents want to ignore and destroy all this progress, forged by Democrats, and instead force all Californians into a single, new and untested government-run program with no ability for consumers to choose private coverage.

Voters have shared strong opposition to be forced out of their current coverage and into a single new government plan. Recent polling shows…

0 %
of voters want to be able to choose
private coverage.
0 %+
of voters like their existing
health coverage.

Single Payer requires massive new taxes of over $200 BILLION a year.

Current taxes being considered include a tax on:

Payroll and Jobs


Personal Income


Small Businesses

California needs to build on our current system, not eliminate Californians’ ability to choose their own health coverage.

We need a balanced solution that includes a mix of public and private plans.

"Californians want a cost-effective, high-quality health care system that gives them the ability to choose the health coverage that’s best for them."

- Protect California Health Care

AB 1400 creates more questions than solutions.

Protect our health care! Vote No on AB 1400.

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