$400 billion plan would force all Californians into state-run government health care

Special interests in Sacramento are pushing to force all Californians into a new unfunded and untested state-run government health care system – at a time our state is facing a public health crisis. The proposal would require millions of Californians to give up their Medicare and employer-sponsored coverage, with no guarantee they could keep their doctor, specialists or pharmaceutical benefits.

Independent budget experts say the proposal would cost $400 billion per year – more than double the current state budget. Californians need a stable health care system we can rely on at all times, but never more than now during the COVID-19 crisis. Instead, single payer puts at risk the health care that millions of Californians depend on.

California can’t afford single payer.

Find out why doctors, nurses, hospitals, health plans, small businesses, employers and other concerned Californians are lining up in opposition to this costly, massive disruption to our health care.

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Join our coalition of doctors, nurses, hospitals, health plans, small businesses, employers and other organizations concerned about the costly, destructive single payer proposal. Different members of the coalition have different perspectives about the best way to improve access to affordable health care, but they all agree on one thing: that single payer would be prohibitively costly and disrupt access to health care for millions of Californians.

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