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health Care now!

Stop Single Payer. Take action now!

Special interests in Sacramento are pushing single payer legislation that would dismantle California’s health care system. A single payer system would:

  • Force all Californians into a new, untested state government health plan, with no choice and no ability to opt out.
  • Eliminate Medicare for California seniors.
  • Increase taxes $250 Billion a year on workers, income, jobs, goods and services.

This would be a massive disruption to people’s health care.

California is on the cusp of universal health care. We should build on the progress we’ve made and protect Californians’ health care choices, not hike taxes to force all Californians into a costly new system that won’t work.

Californians need health care they can rely on! Contact your legislator now to stop the new single payer bill.

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